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What’s your golfing ambition?

Break 70, 80, 90?

Then wait no longer

Achieve it now!

Dear Fellow Golfer,



Being from Scotland, my country’s association with the Wonderful Game of Golf has always filled me with a sense of pride. What a legacy to leave the world - Golf & Whisky!


And I’ve no doubt that those of you who have played this great game have, on occasions, required a taste of the golden nectar to help you get over your ordeal. You see, we Scots are a canny lot - Think about it - why do you think both creations come from the same small country?

Slanj! (Good Health) 





Please, let me introduce myself. My name is Brian McGowan and for a number of years now I have worked alongside Club Players, Top Amateurs and Tour Pro’s, helping them develop their Mental Game.






Now I want to do the same for you


How would you like to . . . .




Improve your game - Reduce your scores

Increase your enjoyment



Well now you can









By using the Inner Golf Coach




Improve your game - Reduce your scores

Increase your enjoyment



Everything you need to break down your golfing barriers and see your dream scores happen.



Try it for 60 days if you’re not happy

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Why will the Inner Golf Coach help your game?



No matter your current handicap, when you think right, you play right.

And when you play right your game improves and your scores come down.

This is a simple and unavoidable truth.


The Inner Golf Coach shows you the way to think before, during and after the round.

Not the way I think - but the way YOU think.



The Inner Golf Coach is about learning how YOU see the game of Golf

The Inner Golf Coach is about learning how YOUR Mind Works

The Inner Golf Coach is about RELEASING your potential


All you need to do - is decide to do it

and then enjoy the fruits of success like many before you.


"On Sunday I recorded a score of three under par in a medal round, 
  my best round for ages and surprisingly I did not know my 
  actual score at the end, whereas normally I know how many shots, 
  I have used/or got left at the end!! 
  I know I have still a long way to go to integrate the skills into my game, 
  but this result will really encourage me. Thanks”           

   Jack Ingham, Oldham




We can’t all swing like Ernie or hit the ball as far as Tiger but as golfers boy do we try!

  • The latest driver that will add 20 yards to your drive - guaranteed!
  • The new ball that will save you 4 shots a round!
  • That wonder fairway wood that will save you 3 stokes a round!
  • The special irons that anyone can hit - guaranteed to lower your scores
  • The Wonder wedge - that will cut strokes off your short game




Sound Familiar?






However, eventually every golfer begins to realize that the root of their poor results

lies not in the equipment, nor perhaps in their technique;

it lies in the six inches between their ears.

Golf is a mind game!


Why do you think the Top Pro’s employ Mind Coaches?



If sports psychology and mental coaching benefits their game - why not yours?

Do you want to . . . .


      Lower scores?    

      A Lower Handicap?     

      To get more enjoyment from your Game?   

      To overcome Anxiety?

      Beat First tee nerves 

      Understand Pre-shot routines

      Learn how to improve your focus and concentration?

      Improve your confidence?   

      Play in the “Zone” more often?   

      Learn Mental Rehearsal and Visualization   



"Solid, Solid, Solid. No panic , no getting ahead of myself. 
   It does exactly what "it says on the tin". 78 in the monthly medal - 
   5 shots less than my previous best ever round. After many years playing
   and countless lessons I thought I'd never break 80! Now its in the bag!
   Thanks Brian.            

   Chris Manning, Glasgow



Whatever your golfing desires are, understand this . . .



The Inner Golf Coach will be your most productive game improvement purchase - EVER

IGC photo

 Buy Now!

Only $49.00 & Instant Download

and remember it’s

Risk FREE with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee*


Forget Drivers, Irons and Balls that promise the earth.

Get your mind right and golf improvement will follow.

When you Change your Mind - you’ll Change your Game


"The Inner Golf Coach Audio Series  is the complete Mental Training 
    Program for golfers of all levels and abilities”               

    Bob Potton: European PGA Teaching Professional

As seen in . . .

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You’ll learn the “golf secrets”, the techniques, the processes the Pro’s use - to improve your own game from the comfort of your home or car - in fact anywhere you can listen to this fascinating audio program.


I guarantee you that you can practice the methodologies and techniques anywhere, anyplace, anytime and experience golf improvement - and all without a club in your hand.


You’ll develop game plans and processes that SUIT YOU and will enable you to become the golfer that you’ve always wanted to be.


From handling nerves, staying in the zone, pre-shot routines, dealing with expectations, handling anger and disappointment, remaining in the “now”, plus much much more - it’s all covered in the Inner Golf Coach Audio Program.


You will in essence become your own mental coach by improving your golf mind. The secrets of Sport Psychology and Golf Psychology are yours for the taking. You can even adopt what you’ll learn to many of life’s situations, as well as on the golf course because the building blocks that make great champions are the same ones that build great organizations and increase personal achievement.


Haven’t you waited long enough

to release your true golfing potential?


By becoming your own mental coach you will play better golf, see all round game improvement and reach your own personal golfing goals - be they a lower handicap, lower scores or simply a desire to get more enjoyment from your game. The Inner Golf Coach offers golf help on demand.


When you learn the “golf secrets” that the Pro’s use - you will become self sufficient - your own mental coach - giving you increased Confidence, instant Focus, and unwavering Composure. Understanding Golf Psychology will give you an astute golf mind and will give you the golf consistency that you desire. Having the knowledge and understanding to be your own golf coach will result in better golf and allow you to reach whatever level you desire with your game.

"Single figures at last. I always knew it was between th ears but it took a l
ot of convincing - until the Inner Golf Coach. Thanks Brian.

B. Semple - Islip, Long Island.

Purchase the Inner Golf Coach with complete peace of mind with our Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee (see links throughout this site).


You risk nothing, except becoming a more accomplished and satisfied golfer


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Only $49.00 & Instant Download

Risk FREE with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee*

But that’s not all . . .


Order today and you will receive these additional Super 5 FREE Bonuses



Bonus #1:

CBIGC bookDownload this Special Collection of the Mental Game’s Golf “wisdoms”. Crucial mental elements to help drive your game forward.


Topics include: Dealing with Nerves & Anxiety, Handling Anger and How to get through a slump in form. - Plus much more.






Bonus #2:

Need some tips on your Putting? Then the Inner Golf Coach Little Book of Putting Wisdom is for you.


Topics include: Easy way to Read Greens, Tips to improve your putting & How to make your putting instinctive.


Yours FREE to download with The Inner Golf Coach.




Bonus #3:

confident golfer softThe Confident Golfer Hypnotic CD.


Yes - Absolutely FREE.


It is widely accepted that we are most open to “learn” when we are RELAXED - and you cant get more relaxed than this!


Let your Confidence Grow Subconsciously - and see your game improve in leaps and bounds.





winning mind soft

Bonus #4:

The Winning Mind Hypnotic CD.


Yours FREE.


Now turn that confidence into wins - not only on the course but in life too.


Get your mind working for you - not against you. Reprogram it NOW!





Bonus #5:

2 FREE quick tests to check your current mental state.


The Golfers Pre Round Attitude Test* & The Golfers Confidence Indicator*.


If you don’t know where your mind’s at just now - you soon will after these simple self applied tests.

* I normally only do these tests with direct clients to get a benchmark where they are starting from. Enjoy!


And Finally . .


Bonus #6:

Yes - I know I said there was only 5 bonuses!


My 6th Bonus - is that I promise you no B.S. Not here, not in the Inner Golf Coach.


I’m not going to state your getting $500.00 worth of FREE items when we all know that’s never the case.


Yes - you will definitely benefit from the bonuses and Yes I do sell the Hypnotic CD’s separately for around $20.00 each. If I was working with you directly, privately my fees range from $100.00 per hour through to $1500.00 per day for group training. But being Scottish - and perhaps a bit more reserved about my claims - I cannot bring myself to hype up the value of any FREE gifts I give. It’s just an honest to goodness GREAT VALUE package. . . .


So here’s the Deal


All of this . . .


Buy Now!  

For Only $49.00 & it’s Instant Download

With a Risk FREE 60 Day Money Back Guarantee*



Who says we Scots are tight?

Improve your game - Reduce your scores

Increase your enjoyment NOW



Change your Mind Change your Game




gurantee-100My Personal guarantee and promise to you:

I have been fortunate enough to combine my life’s work and passion into a career that gives me great satisfaction, be it delivering Corporate Training sessions or one to one private consultancy. I know what I deliver is quality but you don’t. That’s why, since 1993 - when I first started out in the personal development and training game, everything that my company delivers is guaranteed. If I don’t have confidence enough to back up what I deliver - why should you?

Golf is a self regulating game, played everyday throughout the world by men and women who treasure its values and traditions and as Past Captain of my local Golf Club, I obviously subscribe to this ethos too. That is why I’m happy to say that if you purchase the Inner Golf Coach and find it unsuitable or get absolutely nothing from it, I’m more that happy to refund the full purchase price.

Golf is a game of trust. You are trusting me, my knowledge of the game of golf and my experience in Mental Game Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis, so I trust you too. That’s why I’m not offering the standard 14 day or 30 day guarantee, but a solid 60 day guarantee.

I want you to take your time and really experience what’s contained within the Inner Golf Coach and that will take time to absorb and practice. It’s not that it’s difficult to learn - it’s not - in fact much of it becomes second nature very quickly - but I want you to really see, feel and live the results.

That’s why, when you purchase the Inner Golf Coach directly from this web site, you will have a 2 month (60 day) money back, satisfaction guarantee.

Take your time, enjoy the experience and let the changes take place. You are under no pressure and your game will benefit from it. Be assured, if you want golf help and have the desire to use Golf Psychology you have come to the right place.

Brian McGowan

B.A. Hyp, Dip. Sport Psych,

Dip NLP, NLP Practitioner, CPMET

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