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General Mental Training Topics

golferHow do you know if Sports Psychology will help you and your game?

A brief introduction that will let you see if learning Sports Psychology is the right thing for you and your golf game:         Open

Mental Imagery and Visualisation

eye4What is Mental Imagery?

You’ve heard it mentioned - but what is it?

Mental Imagery briefly explained.       Open

eye4Visualisation Exercise

In order to master the art of Mental Imagery and Visualisation its important to practice.

This article helps you learn this key skill.       Open

eye4Increasing your Mental Awareness -

Ideas to develop your inner game - Open

Coping with Poor Performance

j0282749Dealing with Poor Performance

So you had a stinker! This will help you get over it and put things back into perspective

Dealing with Poor performance explained.        Open

j0178790How to deal with a slump in form

We’ve all been there - nothing goes right for you - hole after hole and even round after round

This article gives you advice on how to deal with your slump in form.        Open

j0178790Coping with Anger

When you loose it on the course there is only ever one result - poor play and bad judgment.

This article gives you advice on coping with anger - should it arise     Open

The Mental side of Putting

golferImproving your putting

If you have problems around the greens, find it difficult to read putts and get putts close - then this article explains simple techniques and processes that will see your putting improve - DRAMATICALLY  Open

j0399993Uphill putts

Simple tips for dealing with uphill putts  Open

j0399995Instinctive putting

The game within the game!

The key to successful putting - is to let it flow and forget mechanics. This article helps you make your putting more instinctive  Open

Fear and Anxiety Articles

winnerFear of Failure

Fear of Failure can affect golfers of ALL abilities and can destroy your round.

If you want to get an insight as to what’s going on within your mind (whether your off 28 or 2) - this article explains . .  Open

j0399996Overcoming Anxiety

If you find yourself getting anxious about an up and coming round or match - what can you do?

This article looks at some practical ways of overcoming anxiety        Open

j0405504First Tee Nerves

Ever get nervous on the First Tee?

Find simple to use tips and ideas that will help you get your round off to the best possible start        Open

The Mental Long Game

j0405504How to let go when driving

If you have problems driving the ball, find it difficult to let go and trust your swing - then this article explains simple techniques and processes that will see your driving improve - DRAMATICALLY  Open

j0405504The Drive for Success -

Learn the KEY factors that can make your Driving the cornerstone of your game. Open

Course Management and Strategy

j0399966Post Shot Routines

We’ve all heard about Pre-shot routines but what is a Post-shot routine and why is it useful?  Open.

golferCourse Management

What its all about - a brief introduction  Open

Focus and Concentration Articles

043B0903LL_000How your mind works

Getting a handle on how your mind actually works will help with your inner game.

this article explains . Open

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